About NCL



Why is NCL Unique?

Public and Private Capital

NCL has created a new investment platform that enables both public and private sources of capital to co-invest in perfect alignment.

Centres of Technology Excellence

NCL are establishing a physical presence at centres of technology excellence across the UK, alongside industrial partners. This enables NCL to capture significant deal flow and deploy its resources to take promising technologies through a rapid commercialisation process.

Differentiated de-risking

NCL acts as a lead investor, allowing both our fund investors and syndicate partners to benefit from our high quality due diligence process and experienced, ‘hands on’ management of their investments. The model is underpinned by an inherent Technical Backbone, that helps us to identify and mitigate areas of risk within the scale up, production and roll out of a novel technology.

Dynamic Financing Model

NCL’s operating model includes three distinct disciplines (ventures, capital markets and innovation) that all act symbiotically to support and nurture our young portfolio companies, from concept through to commercial reality.

Capital Markets

Our combined teams’ track record in technology commercialisation is exemplary. The NCL team has years of combined experience in taking pre-commercialisation high potential technologies from seed to exit (IPO or trade sale), through all stages of capital rounds.