What We Look For

Partnership Approach


NCL’s modus operandi is to always take a collaborative approach to investment. We see our investee companies as long term partners. We provide advice, support and guidance to companies from the moment that they enter into our investment process, whether we end up investing in them or not. This takes on on several forms:

Problem solving

We look at due diligence differently from many other investors. We see it as an opportunity to identify gaps, be they commercial, technical or financial, and work with companies to determine the best way to address those gaps.

Institution ready

Many companies that we see are not ready for the detail and rigour that comes with securing institutional investment so we work with companies through the process to make sure that – first and foremost – we can invest, but beyond that to ensure that they are attractive to future investors and corporate purchasers.

Active investment

Our approach to investment is, as you might expect, active. We always look for a seat on the Board of Directors of our investee companies and we take this position seriously, providing strategic advice and if necessary, operational support in all areas from financial through to technical.

Wealth creation

We work collaboratively with investee companies to create opportunities for wealth creation that benefit both the company and its shareholders. We do not press for an early exit if it is not appropriate and do not insist on a different class of share that give us any preference over founders or other investors.

True value add

We are driven by the ideal that every company that we work with will receive value from working with us, whether we invest in them or not and will not part company with us without a clearer idea of whether they are heading and how to overcome the challenges they will face.