What We Look For

Partnership Approach


A great team

First and foremost, we back people. The team doesn’t have to be complete today but strong foundations need to be in place. You have brought your business to where it is today and you will be the team to drive it forward.

Disruptive technology at commercialisation stage

We look for innovative, groundbreaking technologies which have the ability to disrupt large existing markets. We invest in these technologies in order to take them through the commercialisation stage, moving from great innovation to great business.

Real customer engagement

It’s critical that a company knows who they are developing their technology for, why it will be of value to the end customer and how it will be purchased. The business must be able to demonstrate that it has serious interest from its future market.

Collaborative approach

We are an active and supportive minority investor. We work with our portfolio companies in all areas of their development, adding value where we can ourselves or through our experienced partners. We seek to work with companies who believe that they will benefit from our interaction.