FutureNova FlipPad – Media Coverage in March 2017

Following the news of the first US sales of FutureNova Ltd’s FlipPad® sterile iPad® case, the product has been receiving positive press coverage in a number of outlets: Medical Plastic …

NCL Innovation leads equity investment round into ‘game-changing’ technology destined to save thousands of lives through real time detection of airborne asbestos

NCL Innovation, the UK’s leading early stage technology investor, is leading a funding round for start-up Alert Technology, helping the innovative company to take its life saving technology from concept through to commercial success.

Kent based sterile technology company FutureNova enjoys international success with first US sales with plans to scale up manufacturing to meet market demand from the health sector

FutureNova Ltd, backed by the Kent County Council run EXEK equity fund, has made its first successful sales in the United States with plans for a rapid scale up of its Kent based production process following a take-off in overseas demand for its FlipPad® sterile iPad® case.

Discovery Park Technology Fund invests in pioneering clinical development company, TC BioPharm (TCB) providing a launchpad for clinical trials of new treatments for cancer and viral infections

In February 2016, the technology fund run by NCL Innovation, UK’s leading early stage technology investor, announced its support of TC BioPharm (TCB), directly investing seed-finance of £500k from a …