Technology Clusters

NCL's model is designed to embrace physical centres of scientific excellence. We work in conjunction with both industrial partners, landlords and local authorities to encourage technology companies to locate with us on the sites (where possible) and provide them with the full ecosystem of support that they require to flourish into high growth businesses.

Our premier site is Discovery Park, based in Kent.

Benefits to Investors

  • Large deal flow attracted to a coherent strategy
  • Collaboration between companies to share experience and reduce costs
  • Hands on day to day management by NCL dedicated team
  • Focus for outstanding technology and commercial due diligence through access to key opinion leaders

Benefits to the Public Sector

  • Provides delivery strategy for regional equity funding in key growth sectors
  • Leverages private capital by up to 80%
  • Attracts and sustains high value jobs and businesses
  • Attracts significant amounts of inward investment
  • Maximises use and regional bids for grants

Benefits to Companies

  • Shared experience and overhead reduction
  • Support with grants and public funding
  • Alongside industrial partners and service providers

Benefits to Landlords

  • Underpins rental income and enables stronger covenants
  • Attracts both companies and service providers to the site
  • Enhances PR and provides a site differentiator